A love letter to… Coffee

My love letter takes an untraditional approach, in that it is written for a hot drink rather than a person. Yes, the love of my life is a good old cup of coffee. I find it rather entertaining that I’m writing it with coffee in mind because I am aware of Alex’s negative feelings towards the drink, and how often he refuses to admit that coffee is better than tea (it really is). My love letter, therefore, has two aims, one: to declare my appreciation for coffee, and two: to try and sway Alex, and all you tea drinkers out there, that coffee is the superior hot drink (although my mention of caffeine withdrawals probably won’t help my cause).


Dear coffee,

You have been my wing-man since 2014, when I, a tired and desperate A-level student who had exhausted all other options to try and stay awake, decided to suck it up and endure your bitter taste all in the name of passing my exams. With the temptation of vouchers advertising coffee for Β£1 spread around the library and piles of revision in front of me, it seemed the only logical thing to do was to buy my very first latte, use five sugars in attempt to make the taste a little more bearable, hold my nose and drink the most disgusting drink known to man. Yes, I once hated the taste of you, as any virgin coffee drinker would have (no offence, but you were hard to stomach back then), and I’ve realised now how much of a sin that was. Day after day, I went into the library, picked up my Β£1 latte, cutting back on the sugar each time because I couldn’t distinguish whether my increased levels of productivity were down to a caffeine buzz or a sugar high. I felt like I’d successfully passed into adulthood. Meeting you made me feel mature and capable of anything.

Since that first day, you and I have been inseparable. I’m aware that that is more than likely down to the fact I’m hooked on the caffeine you contain, but it’s also because you allow me to explore some of the nicest coffee shops around, giving me a chance to just sit and chill out. It also means I get to meet up with friends who love you just as much as me, which is always great. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs; the days where if I’ve tried to cut you out of my life completely for fear of what your caffeine is actually doing to my body, I’ve ended up with the worst headache, the shakes and a genuine interest in seeing if IV drips filled with coffee are a thing. In that sense, you definitely are a little clingy, but all I need to do is sip that first sip in the morning for me to realise we’re better together than apart.

Thank you for always being there for me, when things get tough, or I’ve had one too many late nights. I can always count on you. Just please chill it with the withdrawal symptoms if I leave you alone for one day.

Lots of love,

Rebecca x


You can find more of Rebecca’s words over on her blog or her twitter.

If you or anyone you know have been affected by this terrible coffee disease, please contact me and I will send you some refreshing tea bags. Stay strong.


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