A love letter to… Gavin & Stacey

Dear Gavin and Stacey,

At one time in my life you became a constant. You filled the nights I couldn’t sleep with background noise, and gave me relationships I could invest in when I did not have any of my own. My copy of Series One will no longer play without skipping. Not tuning in to much else meant I wore the disc down through excessive play. You have made me laugh time after time with your cheekiness, and I can’t make it through Snow Patrol’sYou Could Be Happy blasting in the penultimate episode of Series Two, without shedding a tear.

You are simple in nature, story and character; with no big budget sequences nor grandiose stylised scenes, but that is what I love about you. You feel small – almost like a secret. My secret. That I have shared with those closest or kept all to myself when wanting an escape. As I have grown older, I have come to realise some things about you. That you are not very diverse, and that you even have aspects that make me cringe. Yet there’s something about you that keeps me coming back when I am in need of something familiar. You are my TV show-shaped comfort blanket.

Your characters remind me of people I know or have known, and have introduced me to those I am yet to meet. I feel like I could jump in my car and drive to Barry or Billericay, and find the characters all waiting there. For the most part, they all just feel so real. I did a lot of my growing up with them. As the characters compromised and overcame problems, let their true feelings show, stood up for themselves or accepted situations for what they were, I was there watching. Learning. Implementing change.

Even though I don’t watch you as much now, I do still turn to you when I feel lost, and each time I walk away feeling stronger. Almost as though I have had a chance to return to myself and recuperate. Delving back into your slow pace and patience is like returning home. I am grateful for all the times you made me smile and giggle. For all the times I have heard Stacey ask for an omelette or seen a wide-eyed Gavin awkwardly navigate uncomfortable situations. For all the times I saw snippets of Smithy and Nessa’s similarities, or simply had the pleasure of Doris’ presence… And for all the times you were there for me when I needed something or someone; thank you.

Lots of love,



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