A love letter to… My Home

To my lovely home,

A lot of people say home isn’t a place but a person, well that is partly true. Since deciding to leave you I’ve found beauty in home from everything around me. I love your blue skies, the crashing of waves at every beach around every corner and the sunlight that shines through the green leaves. Heck, I have even fallen more in love with that Australian green that I was so eager to leave. The bus route that I was keen to put behind me has shown me new treasures making my heart ache for the love that I had seemed to forgotten. It seems my love had been hidden and pushed aside by adventure.

This love grows more violent and intense when I think of the people I am flying away from. I love the laughs, I love the waves and glances of those at work, I love when he walks past, my sisters rude finger hidden from the parents, Grandmas perfume,  my Mums hugs and Dad’s loud banter. I love when my friends visit me at work, when I can play with their hair while deep in conversation, and those board games nights on Fridays.

I was so in love with the idea of stepping into the unknown and exploring what the world had to offer that I pushed my love for you aside and for one brief moment that was perfect. However, you’ve been at the front of my mind and in a mixture of crazed emotions my love for you, for my home and those around me grows at each passing second and is so intense I can hardly fathom how I could toss you aside.

So my love letter seems to be more of loss and heartache. I guess love will never be all happiness and joy. I realise you need to sadness to understand how happy the love made you. Maybe I’m just a person who is just wrapped up in nostalgia and puts romance where others cannot see. My home gave me this talent though, you showed me to see magic in the simplest of mundane tasks. Maybe this is why I love you most, you prepared me to leave you behind and try and find magic elsewhere, to find other hidden wonders on the other side of the world.

Deep down I know that I may end up finding a home else where, do not let this fool you. You’ll be my first so to say and I can not imagine not finding myself flying back into your arms, to look up and see my southern stars, to hear the kookaburras laughing once more and the sun burn my skin as I laugh with friends and family.

So, my lovely home, do not think this is goodbye for we still have much to share. I do need to spread my wings and learn to live by myself and with out your comforts. My heart will always be yours,

Rai x

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